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Green Building



This training is helpful to crack the IGBC Accredited Professional Exams. You will learn the major areas of Site Selection, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Materials & Resources, Indoor Air quality to be covered in this class.

The organisation currently has over 4.63 billion sq. ft of built-up space of green building projects across India. We plan to reach 10 billion sq. ft of green building footprint in India by 2022. India’s green building market potential will be around Rs.20,000 billion by 2022 which makes it a lucrative market for private players as well

Solar Energy

In our course will get the benefit after attending, you will able to

To prepare the IGBC AP Exam for certification

To educate the faculty members, Engineers & Scholars with the knowledge of Green building areas

Live to see practical implementation of energy efficiency section through ONLINE


Key Features

  • Course taught by IGBC  certified Accredited Professional  who are subject matter experts in the field

  • Company MD / Professor / O&M / Research Fellow interact session 

  • 40+ hours of Online Training with materials 

  • Practical demo through ONLINE 

  • Globally Recognized Certificate from GUVI after successful completion

  • Dedicated Forum Support from the Instructors

  • 100% Online Learning

  • Access to Green building network community of over 100 customer interaction 

  • 7 days Refund Policy

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 Pre Requisites

All professionals with at least 2 years of work experience in the building industry

Time commitment of 10 hours a week


Laptop / desktop with internet access

Who Should Enroll in this course


At least 2 years of work experience in the building industry



Science, Engineering & Polytechnic



B. Tech/ B.E. / M.E/ M.Tech /PhD

Solar/ Electrical, Electronics,

Civil, Mechanical / Energy Systems /

Renewable Energy

Karthik Karuppu is an NSDC / SCGJ Solar Assessor, BEE Certified Energy Auditor, CII IGBC AP, MSME EV Charging Infrastructure and Technology, and NSC Electrical Safety. He is an Electrical Engineer Undergraduate from Anna University with Post Graduation in Energy Engineering at NIT Trichy.


He has conducted various solar assessments at various engineering colleges across India, and also executed MW solar EPC projects in utility sectors. 


As a Guest Speaker handled various workshops, seminars, and webinars for Academicians, Students, Research Scholars, and Working Professionals in energy technologies such as solar energy, EV charging, green building, energy conservation, and electrical safety.

He has done energy audits / PG tests in Thermal and Gas Power Plants at various government/private projects like NTPC Faraka, Tata Power corporation Ltd, WBPDCL, DVC, MPPKVCL, HPGCL, HPMC, TNVL, CESC, UPSDA, HZL, OPG, Nagar Nikam Faridabad, and Saudi Aramco. He has been involved in BEE/EESL projects like AgDSM, MuDSM, and PAT Scheme. His skill at report making was always recommended for the guaranteed saving of energy, oil, coal, and water, along with Return on Investment (ROI). He has immense knowledge and experience in commercial, industrial, and residential sectors which always showed the guaranteed savings of assured outcome.


About Me



About Green Building Design Learning

This course gives the detailed study of green building design and show the green building products by the industry experts. Today the green building concepts are increasingly in demand, get the enormous benefits of Energy & water saving, better environment, healthier life, and make better use of renewable and recyclable materials 

Green Building Importance

Green Building promotes the efficiency of buildings with regards to the use of water, energy and materials while reducing the building’s impact on individual’s health and the environment through better design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal

Advantages of Green Building Design Learning:

  • Learn new innovative technology 

  • Huge job opportunities

  • Trained individual to knock the global opportunity

  • Potential of growth 

  • Pay package is high due to clean energy promotion through international fund

Green Building Design Learning Career Opportunities:

India's shift to a green economy could add 3 million jobs by 2030 according to a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) for achieving the 175GW of renewable power by 2022

  • To become a  Green building / Sustainable Consultant


  • To become a Green Construction Builder


  • To become an Entrepreneur

How is this different from other courses?


This course is required at least 02 years of experience relevant to building sector. Ch 1 to 7 focus both the theory knowledge and problems for making the building design. To become a green building consultant will get the benefits to save environment, energy & water

Will I get a certificate on completing a course?


Yes, upon successful completion, you will get a certificate from NVICO. This certificate will be accessible to you

What are the pre-requisites?


The primary pre-requisite is a basic knowledge about building sector. We do not expect you to be familiar with complete depth knowledge about building. Basic mathematical skill would be sufficient for making the building design. However, the course requires a time commitment of 10 hours per week

How can I ask my doubts?


We will have discussion forums where you can discuss the topics covered and ask doubts. Your peers or our Teaching assistants will answer the questions. Additionally, there will periodical video calls once a fortnight where instructors will answer question